Shega Trans - International Transport Company


With a workforce of approximately 350 employees, we operate in several companies and divisions. The Group comprises:

  • Shega Trans Sha
  • Shega Oil Sh.p.k.
  • Shega Air Sh.p.k.
  • Albascan Truck & Buses Sh.p.k.
  • Shega Pro Kosova
  • Shega Trans SPA (Italy)

Our Head Office is located in the city of Tirana, Albania. We also have offices in China (Peking and Ningbo), in Kosovo (Pristina), in Italy (Ravenna), in FYROM (Skopje), in Montenegro (Podgorica).
Our mission is to offer all the logistic services, following all the international standards, becoming so the most trustful partner for our clients.