Shega Trans - International Transport Company


Inland Transport

  • Transport of goods

    Transport of goods by road in any destination within the country, region and Europe.

  • Exceptional Transport

    Exceptional Transport of all sizes weighing up to 200 Ton entire the region and Europe.

  • Customs assistance

    We offer customs assistance at any port of Italy, and in any customs office in Europe and Turkey.

Maritime Transport

  • Maritime Transport with Containers

    Maritime Transport Containers from Albania to any other port in the world and vice versa.

  • Transport of containers by road

    Containers transport by road in the entire region and Europe.

  • Customs Services


Passengers Transport

  • Urban and Touristic Transport

    We provide passenger transport by bus for years now. Our fleet counts more than 45 modern buses all produced in 2013.

  • Passenger Air Transport

    Passengers Transport service with helicopter and charter aircraft.


  • Spraying Service

    We offer spraying services by aircraft for pastures and plantations.

  • Aerial Wildfire Suppression

    We provide help to control or extingush wildfires threating communities and surrounding forests.

  • Selling and Service for SCANIA

    Our company offers selling and authorized service of vehicles of SCANIA.