Shega Trans - International Transport Company

Who we are

Always on the right time, the right place and the right way

Shega Trans is the favourite transport company that major players of the Albanian market trust their shipments. It handles the major share of both cargo imported and exported overland from Europe towards Albania and vice versa.

Types of Transport we offer

The two key areas of international transport of goods, the inland by truck and sea by container, our company provides solutions flexible, of the best quality and foremost within time frame. Shega Trans Sha provides sea freight transport by container from every port of the world towards Albania and vice versa. We have all the transport and processing capacities for this type business. The specialized staff is dedicated to follow every step of the transport procedure up to cargo’s final destination.

  • Inland Transport
  • Maritime Transport
  • Passengers Transport
  • Exceptional Transport Services

Services and Safety

As for the inland route we handle the majority of imports and exports from the Region and Europe and vice versa. Our clients depending on their needs can select from a full truck to groupage or any other possible option.

At all times the shipment is monitored and secured by sophisticated tracking and tracing systems as vehicles are supervised and observed 24/7 through the operative hall via installation of GPS equipment at all vehicles travelling.

Why Shega Trans

  • Fast delivery

    We provide all the three types of goods transport: inland, maritime and air freight. By combining these three services it is sure that our experts will find the shortest and fastest track for your shipment.

  • Experienced staff

    Shega Trans operorates in the transport of goods industry since July 2000. You will welcome by an experienced staff always ready to assist and help.

  • Safe Transport

    We know, follow and apply the best procedures and standards of the international transport of goods. We know exactly the location of your shipment at any given moment.